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Michelle Bekkala

Services offered: Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex Technique, MPS Therapy and MPS Scar Release, Essential Oil Education

Co-founder and owner of the Natural Nook, Michelle is trained by the Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE) in Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex Technique, Essential Oil Chemistry, Ancient Oils, and Emotional Release. She is specifically passionate about the use of essential oils for emotional clearing and helping to manage and reduce stress in the body and the mind. Married for 15 years and a mother of 4, Michelle also has a passion for using the oils to support everyday wellness needs in the home, replacing commercial toxic cleaners with natural substitutes and essential oils.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with a Minor in Psychology from Michigan Technological University, and she worked in banking for 5 years before making the decision to focus full-time on her natural health passion. Her math background encouraged her to research the science and validity of the oils, while the psychology degree was a compliment to Michelle’s natural interest in people. Her formal education contributes to a well-rounded understanding that comes through in her classes.

Michelle has a special interest in empowering women to discover their authentic self and follow their dreams, while keeping a balance in all areas of life. An entrepreneur for over 10 years in real estate as well as her natural health business, she has had personal experience in the art of balancing a busy life as well.

Michelle Bekkala at The Natural Nook | Healing & Education Center