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Emotional Clearing Therapy

Emotional Clearing Technique in Cokato, Minnesota

Emotional Clearing Technique is special in its ability to help you

Emotional clearing sessions, done either in person or long distance, can address subconscious programming that is holding you back from achieving your goals. Releasing the trapped emotions that are affecting you physically and emotionally can lead to a feeling of lightness, help you move forward and even alleviate physical pain!

Everything is energy, even our thoughts and emotions! Emotions create a frequency that becomes encoded in DNA, and is passed down for generations. These generational patterns that are stored are often a cause of imbalance in our life, and can be released with the aid of essential oils. The brain is then receptive to replacing that pattern, changing a person’s focus and redirecting the energy so a solution can be seen.

Ultimately it is your decision to heal and let go. You are your own healer, we can be your guide on your journey to emotional and physical wellness!

In-person and long Distance Emotional Clearing sessions available.

Emotional Clearing Technique in Cokato, Minnesota